Gameplay Rules & Amendments

Tournaments will be played under USSSA By-Laws w/ the exception of the following:

  • Pinch Runner Clarification
    • A pinch runner must be a player not currently in the line-up. If batting the roster and there are no players left on the bench, the pinch runner must be the last batted out that was NOT the catcher/pitcher in the previous defensive inning.
  • Injuries
    • In the case that a player is injured or becomes ill during a game in which a team is batting the roster, the lineup will be compressed (there will not be an automatic out when their spot in the lineup comes). However, this player will not be allowed to return to play during the game they were injured and additionally they MUST miss their teams next played game.
    • In the case that a player is injured or becomes ill during the CHAMPIONSHIP game, the lineup will NOT be compressed and their spot in the lineup will now be an automatic out going forward.
  • No Malicious Contact
    • BPN does not have a “must slide” rule, however, we do enforce No Malicious Contact. This rule and its enforcement are entirely at the umpire’s discretion. For plays at second base (or any other force play with the possibility of a double play), the runner needs to slide or peel off to avoid contact or both the runner and the batter will be called out.
  • Time Limit
    • There will be no new inning after 5 minutes. The umpire will announce this as soon as there are 5 minutes left on the game clock. This will now be the last inning of the game.
  • If a team finishes pool play with more or fewer games played, a game will NOT be dropped to determine bracket status or seeding. The bracket will be made in accordance with the USSSA tie breakers.
    • 1.) Overall Record (number of wins in this instance)
    • 2.) Average Runs Against
      • If Team A finishes with a 4-0 record and Team B finishes with a 3-0 record, Team A would win the pool without utilizing tie breakers.
  • No seeds, No gum, No metal cleats

Playing Age Calculator

Teams playing Fall 2022 should move up age groups from the prior age and play at the age level they will play in Spring/Summer 2023. The start of the Fall season is when players “age up”.



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