Gameplay Rules & Amendments

Baseball/Softball tournaments at BPN will adhere to the Official National By-Laws and Rules of USSSA with exception to:

  • If classes are combined for a given tournament, those games will be played with a 7-run per inning maximum until the final inning (unlimited runs), which will be declared with less than 15 minutes on the clock at the start of the new inning. This will allow both teams to have a fair and even chance at getting unlimited runs in their last at-bat.
    • If a team has scored 5 runs in an inning, and a player hits a 3-run homerun to end the inning, the team will still have only scored 2 runs for their 7 run maximum (unless it is the final inning).
    • The game is over when the opposing team is mathematically eliminated from scoring enough runs to win or tie the game (USSSA mercy rules still apply).
    • This will be strictly for POOL PLAY only, Bracket games will not have an inning run limit and mercy rules will be in accordance to the USSSA by-laws
  • A pinch runner must be a player not currently in the line-up. If batting the roster and there are no players left on the bench, the pinch runner must be the last batted out that was NOT the catcher/pitcher in the previous defensive inning.
  • If a team finishes pool play with more or fewer games played, a game will NOT be dropped to determine bracket status or seeding. The bracket will be made in accordance with the USSSA tie breakers.
    • Overall Record (number of wins in this instance)
    • ) Average Runs Against
      • If Team A finishes with a 4-0 record and Team B finishes with a 3-0 record, Team A would win the pool without utilizing tie breakers.
  • Mid-Day Championship Games (with games to be played on the field following) will have 15 minutes added to their time limit. Championship games cannot end in a tie and will go to extra innings until we have a winner. Championship extra innings will begin with a runner on second base (last out of the previous offensive inning), and with no outs.

USSSA 2022 Fastpitch Rule Book & By-Laws