LOCAL LEGENDS – BPN’s Rewards Program for Our “Home Teams”

Congratulations on being selected by the leadership team of Ballparks National as a “LOCAL LEGEND”!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to attach or bring your LOCAL LEGEND bag tag to tournaments in order to be able to use your rewards. You must be in your baseball or softball uniform to take advantage of the discounts. Please do not share your tag with others. Program entitlements, discounts, and exclusions are subject to change. BPN reserves the right to remove a team or player from the program if necessary.

Individual Discounts & Incentives

  • • 2022 Season Parking Pass (your bag tag is your parking pass; limit 12 per team)
    • 10% off Food Concessions (exclusions: Ice Cream Factory, Dipping Dots, and alcoholic beverages)
    • 15% off BPN Merchandise at our Pro-Shop (exclusions: Bats, Gloves, Oakleys, Hemlock Hats, Baseballism and Sun Bum products, photography, and tournament specific shirts or merchandise)
    • 50% of Alligator Ice
    • 50% off Local Legends cup with refill discounts

Team Discounts & Incentives

  • BPN Lodging Program Exemption
  • Preferred Club Tier Pricing (can not be combined with any other offer or coupon)
    • Double – Buy One Tournament, Get the 2nd for 25% off
    • Triple – Buy One Tournament, Get 2nd for 25% off, and a 3rd for 50% off
    • Homer –  Buy One Tournament, Get 2nd for 25% off, the 3rd for 50% off, and the 4th for 75% off
  • Registration Fee Payment Plans (contact info@ballparksnational.com for details)

Check back for more offers, discounts & event-specific specials!